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Chronic Disease Management Care Plans and Reviews

This is a bulk-billed service.

It is basically a list of all your chronic active medical issues, followed by goals listed for each medical issue in order to manage it well in a timely manner and then a list of all the providers involved in your care.

Doing this ‘bird’s eye view’ comprehensive plan enables the doctor to get to know you better as a patient and to therefore manage your health better. It also allows you to become more aware of your health issues and clearly defines the steps that need to be taken by you.

An advantage of getting this plan done is that the doctor can then give you 5 free vouchers (EPCs) to use with a relevant care provider (eg, Physio, Chiro, Dietician, Podiatrist, etc).

These 5 vouchers last from January to December, ie, 1 calendar year. While they are usually completely free, your allied health provider might have a small gap fee.

Depending on you care needs; the plan needs to be reviewed, usually once a year (but sometimes as often as 3 monthly depending on your health issues). This enables you to get your vouchers for every new year, ensuring ongoing treatment of your health issues.

Please be mindful that acute medical issues arising, scripts or referrals will need to be dealt with at another consult.

You will need an appointment with the Nurse and the Doctor to finish this plan, although sometimes the doctor might do it on their own.

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Queen Street Medical Centre
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